STAND OUT: Content Marketing Guide

Ross Simmonds
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Standing out is the difference between businesses who thrive and those who merely survive. The internet has given businesses large and small an opportunity to tell their story in a more effective and efficient way than ever before. This book will act as a Content Marketing Guide for any entrepreneur or marketing team looking to generate meaningful and measurable results from their communications efforts.

This guide will show you a variety of different strategies that will help you drive real results. Here are a some of the key topics that the content marketing guide will uncover and discuss:

  • Why Content Marketing Matters
  • Creating Product-Story Fit
  • Blogging For Your Business
  • The Psychology Behind Content Sharing
  • Tips On Crafting Quality Blog Posts
  • How Content Works For Facebook
  • How To Leverage Instagram For Marketing
  • How To Unlock Slideshare For Marketing
  • Infographics, Ebooks And More
  • How To Establish Content Distribution Channels

With Case Studies & Examples from companies like, KISSmetrics, Unbounce and more…

Here are a few things you will learn and gain from this content marketing guide:

  • A Tried & Tested Approach to Creating Content that Always Goes Viral
  • Understanding The Three Different Types of Content that Should Drive Every Strategy
  • Why Storytelling is Still an Important Part of Content Marketing
  • Introducing the Concept of Product/Story Fit
  • Exclusive content from some of the top Content Marketers in the world
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Are you tired of blending in? This content guide will show you how to create content that stands out.

110 Pages
160K Words


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STAND OUT: Content Marketing Guide

1 rating
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