Cracking The Reddit Marketing Code

Ross Simmonds
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Finally...A resource that "Cracks the Code" for Reddit Marketing without the guru fluff and buzzword nonsense. No more guessing games and assumptions. Just a guide to leveraging the front page of the internet to drive real results for your brand.

Speed over the learning curve required to be effective at marketing on Reddit. Fly past the blunders and most popular mistakes made by brands and marketers trying to get their feet wet. This is a straightforward, No BS guide to driving traffic, media attention and new customers.

What you'll get from this:

  • 70+ page PDF ebook 
  • Case studies from FIVE brands that cracked the code
  • 1 page Reddit cheat sheet for crafting great posts
  • Visual diagram of the Reddit marketing code

What you'll learn from this:

  • How to browse, navigate and contribute to Reddit like a pro
  • How to find the best subreddits for your brand to leverage
  • The formula that drives success on Reddit at 87% accuracy
  • The tool experts use to create high quality posts on Reddit
  • Four very detailed tried and tested methods for leveraging Reddit as a tool to drive meaningful results for your brand

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Cracking The Reddit Marketing Code

1 rating